Search Engines: Your Helpful Librarians In The SEO World

As humans, our curiosity always gets the best (and sometimes worse) of us. We tend to find answers to the questions that have been bothering us even as early as children. Our curiosity has led us into learning about the environment around us. It had helped in making sure that we survive by trying out different things to see which would work in different situations. Our curiosity also has led to many revolutions, scientific and otherwise. The advancement of technology is also thanks to our own curiosity as we would never have thought of trying to improve our lives and instead lived with what we have. It is an essential part of our intellect – the way we rationalize and think with logic. As we continue to advance society, we develop certain skills and we hone it until we reach perceived perfection. We should not settle on what we already know and instead strive for constant improvement.

A Major Breakthrough

One of the major inventions of humanity is the internet. It is such a clever invention because it is an entity of itself. It is a super-intelligent system with no physical body; it only exists in the wires and servers connecting each and every computer across the globe. It can also be explained like this: Imagine that it is like a library of all the information that exists in the world. It is in fact so vast that it is impossible to read or even know it all. Everything that humans know, or possibly will know, is stored in here. Most of it can be accessed, but it can be difficult to find what you really need. Imagine trying to find a Crème Brule recipe within a thousand books. It would take you (literally and figuratively) almost a forever and a day. In this case, there is a very dedicated librarian who can help you find exactly what you need. This librarian has awesome memory skills. So awesome, in fact, that it has already memorized every single content in the ‘’library.’’ They can point you where to go to find the best information that you are asking for. In the internet, this is the job of a search engine.

Admit it; we have been so dependent on search engines in recent years. From all the school projects that you are doing the night before the deadline to business strategies in the workplace, search engines are very important in helping you find answers to your questions.

We had this saying back in college: There is only one best friend that you need, and that is Google. Of course, there are other search engines like Bing and Yahoo, and all of them function similarly. They give you the answers and information you are trying to look for, not only that but they strive to give you the best answer possible. It guides you to the information that you need, when you need it.

As an adventurer across this large library called the internet, there are usually four reasons why people trek through its slightly perilous ways:


Most people typically use search engines for general information. Want to know who won the Superbowl last year? One click, and you will know that it’s “The New England Patriots.” Confused about your math homework? Google has got you covered. Any and every type of information is already within reach thanks to search engines. Looking for information and knowledge is one of the main reasons why people even go to these sites even if they already know the answer.


The next reason why people go to search engines is to go directly to a certain website. If you already know what website you are searching for but forgot its domain name, then you can always have search engines help you. Going to government websites and staying there is also a type of navigation.


Thirdly, there are people who surf the net for the things they want to buy. Say you are someone who likes to browse Amazon or eBay looking for great items and deals, then you are using the search engine for e-commerce. It is not a necessary sale per se, but you want to buy something in the future.


If you want to buy something off of the internet like Amazon and eBay, then you are using the search engine for transactions. In some countries, this is already their most used way of trading with other people. It is fast, convenient and still safe even though there are many others who were victimized by fraud because of internet transactions.

Looking at these reasons, it can help you understand why people use the net. For more information, you can visit this site:

Going back to the analogy of the library, how would the “librarian” know what are the best sources of information for a particular query? Sadly, developers of search engines do not give information that easily. There is an algorithm that is being followed to see whether these pages are actually reliable, but the factors that indicate whether they are really reliable are not open for public knowledge. Or are they? For example, Google published a guide on how you can influence the search engine into giving the best results for the people using it. It is not a complete guide, but it is helpful as a starter guide for those interested in search engine optimization. You can find the link right here.

In the world of marketing, Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of being in business in today’s time. It is predicted that in the future, most transactions will not even happen offline but online. If you are interested, why not start researching right now? Having these kinds of information is beneficial to you and your company or organization.