Chicago Link Building Services

Links have always been an integral part of SEO. You just can’t seem to part the two. They have always been and always will be a good source of website authority. Google, after all, will not have it any other way. If you try to think about the reason very deeply, you’ll realize that it’s because people give credit to who they trust – both in real and virtual worlds.

Just as people quote other people they trust, websites too cite other websites based on the same instinct. This is why linking is a major deal in every search engine’s ranking system. It has been tested and proven on several occasions that the more inbound references a website have, the higher its rank on Google or other search engines will be. Of course, other factors such as keyword building, business citations, web design, and organic traffic all play very important roles but it would be safe to say that most of these “other factors” won’t even affect your company’s website rankings when there is poor flow of authority .

Through links, authority is nurtured. Through authority, a website flourishes. It’s a very simple concept.

Well, in theory at least. Like many other SEO marketing methods, rounding up links with good authority is easier said than done. Convincing other website owners to look at your company’s content, let alone earn their complete trust, can be quite an ordeal to overcome. Not to mention, if you really want to make your company big in the world of search engines, a single website’s trust isn’t enough. You’ll need the approval of not just one but several (maybe even hundreds) of other reputable websites.

The keyword to note here is word “reputable.”

Reputable in what sense, you may ask. Well, long story short, building authority through inbound citations has been a classic strategy in SEO ever since. Many businesses want to get featured on other websites (yours included) and many others will try to take advantage of that. Do you get my point here? Link buying or manipulation is an infamous black hat SEO tactic that has long put Google on the lookout. Search engines despise websites who try to trick them into ranking sites that least deserve the first-page spot on the SERPs. After all, user experience is Google’s top most priority. Tactics that aim to manipulate, distort, and disadvantage Google’s actions get in the way of that.

You may earn your company website’s authority this way but understand that it will not pay off in the long run. It may let you taste success for a brief moment but what comes next may as well be a series of unfortunate encounters with search engines.

Anyway, building online authority is necessary for your company. And no, you don’t need to manipulate anyone or anything to earn your company greater website authority.  After all, your website don’t just need random references; it only needs those that matter. What your company needs is a horde of reputable, niche-specific links that will encourage the flow of meaningful authority to your website domain.

Luckily, it just so happens that we’re the best guys for it. Let us help you and your business earn high-quality and well-deserved links through skillful optimization and niche-specific connections.

Before you jump the gun, here are a few answered questions about this Chicago SEO service:

Why Do You Need Niche-Specific Links?

Well, look at it this way: Would you trust a beauty products company if it is cited in a manpower and construction website? Or, would you eat at a restaurant knowing that it has been mentioned several times in pest control blogs? Who or what gives reference to your company’s website can impact your business greatly. If you really want to get a good flow of positive authority to your website (and not the other way around), it is important that you garner the trust of same-industry or “niche” websites. You have to be cited in sources that share the same visions with your company, sell the same or a similar product as your company does, or provides a service that is primarily involved or related to the kind of business you do. Getting featured in sources that has no discernible connection to your company, product or website can give people the wrong impression. You can be accused of link buying or simply be victimized by bad publicity. Anyhow, if you want this marketing strategy to work, you have to be careful about giving people permission to use your content on their websites. Check the company’s background; confirm authenticity and credibility. Remember, Google discounts any form of authority coming from shady or dubious websites. They may even raise a red flag against you!

How Can Niche Link Building Benefit Your Business?

First and foremost, building your company’s presence online requires the dissemination of information about your website. Getting featured in other websites can help out a lot with this “dissemination process.” Having active links that can lead potential conversions to your website distributed across other websites can really give your business an edge or advantage. It may improve website traffic exponentially and increase your website’s Domain and Page Authority. If you’ve been learning SEO long enough, you’ll know that these three factors impact ranking results greatly. The relationship amongst these factors and ROI (Return Of Investment) is directly proportional. This means that if any of these factors increases or improves; your business’s ROI may also experience a significant increase. Meet your company’s desired goals and outcomes in less time when you prioritize marketing activities.

Also, the more citations you have scattered across websites working or operating in the same industry as your company, the more opportunities you have to promote brand awareness. It’s one thing to be successful in sales and yet another to create a business presence that lasts. Good links will definitely earn you your ticket to the international trading market.

What If I Don’t Build Niche Links For My Business?

I believe the fact that building authority is necessary in any SEO campaign is common knowledge. It’s definitely an open secret. This is because out of all the activities we conduct in SEO, building authority is one of the most important. If you disregard such activities for your website, you may never get to rank search engines. Not on the first page, at least. When search engines like Google assess your website to determine its organic placement in the SERPs, it does not merely look at your website’s “stats.” Although on-site factors such as speed, traffic, content, broken codes, and keyword placement are all very important, search engines also review your company’s external activities: who you cite, who cites back to your company website, as well as your social media profiles and activities.

You see, links are a major source of authority. When you receive credit from high-authority websites, it tells Google just how good of a resource your content is. They also interpret this as your website content being valuable and relevant; something users must see. In a nutshell, the more mentions your company have on other websites , the closer you’ll be at the top of the SERPs.

Google’s logic is pretty simple, actually. They give people what they believe people want to see with each query. Thus, other websites citing your content tells Google that there is something in your domain that people WILL WANT to see. This is how Google chooses where (or who) to send more traffic too.

So is prioritizing this marketing strategy important? Yes, it definitely is.