National SEO

Winning locally is one thing but moving to a bigger, better stage is another! Local SEO will introduce your business to people near you; National SEO will make your name known to the entire country. I know you’re all familiar with SEO already, thus, you are here. We know you want to make your business big. Lucky for you, we’re here to help you do it.

National SEO refers to a type of SEO strategy that aims to take your business efforts to wider, more diversified audience. It’s good to start small but you cannot stop there. You can be the best within your city but remember that the world is a much bigger place. It’s filled with more opportunities than you can imagine. However, a bigger stage also means heightened competition.

You are not alone in this race. You have an entire industry scattered within the country aspiring for the same goals as you. Getting ahead of them is no easy feat. First, you have to break through local barriers; you have to expand your business perspective to a worldwide level. When you do, know that promising opportunities await your business.

Although the rules of Local and National SEO are similar, N-SEO makes use of broader and more diversified strategies to win the hearts of users and search engines. This is because doing business on a worldwide level requires flexibility, adaptability, and generalizability. You are faced with many personalities that are molded in different environments and have experienced contrasting cultures. Your website content should be optimized in a way that is relatable to all these people. It should be enhanced using methodologies that are considered acceptable and proper across all States. We recommend filling out our audit form which will allow us to fully analyze your website for over 50 ranking factors.

You’re not optimizing content just for San Diego anymore. You are not optimizing just for the City of Chicago either. Instead, you are optimizing for all cities and all States found in the US. This includes New York, Michigan, Texas, Washington, and wherever else. In order to get through to all these different personalities, you need a strategy that surpasses cultural limitations.

A strategy we refer to as National SEO Marketing.

Of course, N-SEO is not without challenges. In fact, everything is amplified. The competition, ranking criterion, quality consideration, link acquisition, and all else related to SEO will be placed at a higher pedestal. The demand for work efficiency is greater and marketing standards will double. Targeting the entire USA in regards to SEO Marketing is definitely a more challenging feat. With the right skills and knowledge, however, it is very much attainable.  Our marketing agency has ranked thousands of keywords to page one, for businesses across the United States, feel free to learn more about us here.

If you’re ready (and if you think your business is ready), then it may be time to start your National SEO Marketing Journey. It’s about time you take your business to greater heights. But before you do, you just might want to read the following FAQs:

When Is The Right Time To Do National SEO?

The mere fact that you’re considering SEO for your business is a good thing already. However, there is a PERFECT time to use a global marketing approach. That is when you have already established a name for yourself in the local market. You know what they say; you first have to earn the trust of those closest to you. Otherwise, how can you convince the rest of the world?
Do Local SEO first. Focus your SEO efforts in the city or town where your business’s main office is located. Earn the trust of the local market because they will back you up when you finally decide to take your marketing efforts onto a bigger stage. Local residents are bound to have acquaintances, family, and friends all over the country. This means that if you do right by them, they will easily support your business in words and actions. Mind you, word-of-mouth is a very powerful thing. By the time you hit the National level, you will already have a good stronghold established. Or, a home base, as others would term it.

What Are The Common Differences Between Local & National SEO?

Judging by their names, you should already have a pretty obvious hint about the biggest differences between the 2 types of marketing campaigns that are available. Yes, first and foremost, it’s scope. The scope of Local searches is far narrower than the scope of global searches. This is why SEO specialists and professionals administer different trade techniques for each of them.

For example, the approach to keyword optimization is quite different. L-SEO often targets “long tail keywords.” These are keywords that are more specific in nature, thus, the length. Creating content based on the search phrase “best makeup shop in downtown Chicago” is something that can be categorized under locally based strategies. On the other hand, N-SEO targets “short tail keywords” which are much broader and generalizable than long tail keywords. Using the same example, someone optimizing for the USA would use “best makeup” or “women’s makeup” as the keyword phrase.

If you look at the examples above, you will see that the level of market competition drastically moves from “low or average” to “high” when you shift from the 2 campaigns. The heightened competition also means a larger audience. So even if global SEO is not an easy feat to achieve, it is by far the most rewarding, once again, depending upon your business.

Do I Need To Do National SEO Marketing?

If you run a local business that doesn’t have stores throughout the country or doesn’t sell products throughout the world, then we would advise you to stay away from it. Do Local SEO first in order to target your customers in your city that are searching for businesses like yours. When the time is right, that is when you strike with National SEO strategies. Most N-SEO campaigns fail because businesses lack insight. They just dive straight into the pit of the unknown without even establishing stable ground first. Hiring a professional Chicago marketing company will help ensure success with your SEO campaign.