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    Are you looking for Chicago SEO services that actually work? Look no further! We have ranked thousands of keywords to page one of Google! We have found that there are thousands of businesses all needing one thing, expanded business growth and an increase in sales.



      There are hundreds of marketing techniques available to businesses. We have found that the best way to increase the online portion of marketing is through the use of search engine optimization. Our marketing services have ranked over 4,700 keywords to page one of the major search engines. By ranking high competition, high traffic keywords to the top positions on Google, our clients business grows tremendously and the sales often times exceed their expectations. There is simply no better way to bring in sales for your company, than by sitting in the top positions in the search engines. The issue is not a matter of “does SEO work” or “will we receive new clients” the primary issue is hiring the best Chicago SEO company. There are far too many SEO agencies that offer low quality work for their clients. Since most businesses do not have a thorough concept and understanding of SEO, it has become more and more difficult to hire professional search engine optimization services that actually work. This is because the industry is saturated with low quality, and often times spammy agencies that do not offer any real value for their clients. We can dominate your competition and we have done so for many businesses throughout the USA. With over 4,700-page #1 keyword rankings under our belt, we have the confidence that we can also rank your keywords to page #1, unlike most agencies. Whether your business is needing local growth or national growth, we can find appropriate keywords for your business to target. We have a dedicated research team that helps businesses know which keywords they should be targeting with their SEO campaign. On top of targeting the correct keywords, it is important that we actually rank these keywords to the high positions in the search engines. Years ago we had tremendous success with online sales with page #1 rankings, we have noticed that over the years things have drastically changed. Over 60% of searches are now done on mobile devices. The reason why it is best to rank to the top #3 positions is that mobile users typically do not scroll down all the way to even the bottom of page #1 now. The businesses that rank to the top #3 positions now have an increased sale rate because the users are browsing the top ranked websites more than they used to do in the past. This is another reason why it is important to choose an SEO firm that will lead your business to success. We constantly stay on top of the Google algorithm updates for our clients. The search engines have a very demanding protocol for ranking websites to the top positions, and it is important that an SEO company follows 100% of the guidelines in order to have success. We have found that there is a tremendous amount of trust that automatically associated with the top-ranked businesses. When potential customers are searching for local services, they tend to favor the top 3 businesses more than the businesses on page #2 and lower. Not only is there an increase in trust, but your brand will also have an increased credibility. Whether or not your business is the best in what you have to offer, customers typically feel that you are, when ranked in the top positions. Simply put, there are so many reasons why hiring a professional firm helps to increase your brand, credibility, and sales.


      As we mentioned previously, we have been able to rank over 4,700 keywords to page one of Google. This is a tremendous success and it shows that our Chicago SEO experts have an in-depth understanding of this line of work. There are many agencies that do not show any real reporting such as keyword ranking improvements, traffic increases, link building efforts e.t.c. We recommend that your business only works with businesses that have a proven track record and that offer fully transparent services. If an agency is unwilling to show you what they did on your website whether it be on page or off page optimization, chances are they are do low-quality work or outsourcing to 3rd world countries. On top of being a time-proven company that has an excellent track record, we also offer a no-contract policy. There are so many reasons why this is important. The last thing you want to have happen is to get locked down into a 2-year long contract, and at the end of the 2 years very little progress was made. Unfortunately, this happens all the time and many SEO firms push their salesmen into locking the client into a contract. While it is better for them, it is the worst option for the client. We have clients that have been with us over 7 years, on a month to month basis only. Think about it, if you are happy with a marketing agency, why would you ever stop working with them? Since we only offer high-quality services we are not worried about locking our clients down because we rarely have any of our clients quit our service. We have also decided to offer a money back guarantee. We have a 99% client retention rate and have excellent feedback from our clients. Because of this, we are more than happy to offer a money back guarantee. We are also well versed in many marketing techniques such as Google AdWords marketing, website maintenance plans, WordPress website development and more. The positive aspect of working with our firm is that we are a full-service agency. You will not have to have a set web designer, webmaster, content writer e.t.c. as we take care of all aspects of your online SEO from the beginning.



      Close to 80% of all the SEO we focus on for our clients is locally based. In order to distinguish your brand apart from the thousands of other businesses in Chicago, local SEO must be implemented so that all local based search terms are showing in the top ranking positions.


      For the 20% of our clients that offer a product or service outside of just Chicago, national based SEO is an incredibly way to boost online sales. We have helped to rank thousands of national based keywords to page #1.


      Social media advertising is an excellent way to build up your brand and reputation. We have the capabilities of getting your products and services out on the web. We have found that social advertising and SEO marketing go hand in hand with high Google rankings.


      Along with offering excellent SEO services, we also offer website development and design services. We have found that too many websites are developed very poorly. It is an absolute must that websites are user-friendly and mobile responsive.


      We can fully manage your domain name hosting and website hosting and save you the time and hassle of managing it yourself. Many of our clients actually use this service and we throw it in at no additional charge. Our websites load quickly and stay online.


      Our SEO services include content marketing. We have writers who provide original, well-written content. Our SEO experts then post this fresh content to each clients website. Posting new content consistently helps improve Google rankings.


      • We started losing website rankings as soon as Google came out with the major algorithm updates a few years back. We ended up talking to numerous SEO agencies and decided to try chicagoseo.company, we couldn’t be happier. We are now ranked high on Google (where we used to be) before the updates came out. They truly understand SEO and know how to analyze backlinks, competitors and more. We recommend them to various companies as we see fit.

        Ronald Johnson
        Owner - MensWeddingBands.com
      • We have used the marketing services that they provide for 3 years now. They truly are a fabulous SEO company and we have recommended their services to other businesses. We have gained top Google rankings for many of our keywords and have noticed an increase in call volume and sales. They truly deliver results, unlike other companies that we have had bad luck with in the past.

        Kevin Hansen
        CEO - WhiteGloveHomeImprovements.com
      • We have really enjoyed working with this company and they have been able to rank many of our keywords to the top positions. They are great to work with! We expect to work with them for years to come. We will recommend their services to others.

        Charlie McCurdy
        Owner - ActionLinkWireless.com


      Do You Only Offer Chicago SEO Services?

      While it is true that around 90% of our work is all related around Chicago SEO, we do offer complete digital marketing services for businesses that need it. A brief overview of our services can be found on our homepage of chicagoseo.company. When businesses are looking for complete digital marketing solutions we custom make our packages to fit their needs. Please contact us for a free, no-obligation quote regarding the other marketing services that we offer such as PPC, Facebook retargeting, Social media advertising e.t.c.

      Do You Actually Work On Our Website?

      This is a really good question and we get asked this all the time. There are 2 main parts to SEO marketing. The first step is to fully optimize the website. There are over 35 factors that are involved with the on page website optimization. The second step is to build high-quality, branded links to your website from quality sources. In order to gain the maximum results for our clients, it is mandatory that we have the capability of improving the on page website factors. We typically ask for the WordPress login details and that is all that is needed in order to get started with the improvement process. Just a few examples of the on-page optimization involves meta tag optimization, keyword density improvements, keyword mapping, blog posting e.t.c.

      Do You Guarantee Top Google Rankings?

      We highly recommend staying away from any agency that guarantees top Google rankings. This is against the guidelines that Google has established and to be completely honest, there is no way to guarantee the #1 ranking position. Now, let us say what we have done for other businesses that we have worked with. We have dramatically increased website rankings for many of our clients and have actually ranked over 4,700 keywords to page one. This is a tremendous feat and we are pleased that we have been able to accomplish such a great task. On top of having thousands of page one rankings, we also have ranked hundreds of keywords to the #1 position in the search engines. While we offer premium marketing services for businesses we do not guarantee ranking results.

      Do You Offer Website Maintenance Services?

      Many of the Chicago companies that contact us are initially interested in our SEO work, but as we work with them we find that they really are looking for more than just SEO. Many business owners do not have a set webmaster at their company that understands the possible issues that can arise with owning a website. Many of our SEO packages include website maintenance at no additional cost. When a website is not pulling up correctly, when your website loads slowly, when your images and pages need updating it is nice to have a company to go to for such services. We believe in offering full solutions to the Chicago based businesses that we work with and that is one reason why we are strong believers in offering website maintenance to our clients.

      When Can We Expect Results From Your Chicago SEO?

      The search engine optimization that we offer typically takes around 8 months depending upon the competition levels. There really are many factors involved with this question. If we are working on a brand new website then it takes closer to the 1 year time period in order to gain high rankings in the search engines. However, for most businesses, they have keywords ranked in the top 5 pages and just need higher rankings on page one. Depending on various factors, it takes anywhere from 3 months to 6 months for a website that is already well established. Please contact us and we can give you a specific quote and estimated timeframe for your business. If there is one thing we have learned over this past decade of experience, it is that there are no 2 businesses alike. Every business has it’s own goals and marketing strategies that they want to be implemented.

      What Contracts Are Needed In Order To Work With You?

      This is a really good question and many businesses really like the way we work. We do not use contracts of any kind! We have found over this past decade that if we keep our clients satisfied with our service offerings, that they will continue working with us on a month to month basis. For this very reason, we do not use contracts of any kind. If you are leery about using an SEO company then you can easily test us out for a month with no fear of being locked down into a contract for a 1 or 2 year time period. What we do offer is a simple, 2-page service agreement between both companies. In the service agreement, it clearly outlines the work that will be performed each month. If you decide to cancel after 1 month, then you can, there are no cancellation fees of any kind. We have had clients stay with us for 8 years on a month to month basis because we continue to rank high-competition keywords to the top positions of the search engines, which helps bring in more business in each month.

      Does Your Company Write Blog Content For Our Website?

      Part of SEO marketing involves content writing. We have found that websites rank higher on Google if they have a website with lots of high-quality content. One of the best ways of generating content is through blog posting services. This is exactly what we offer to our clients. Many of our SEO packages involve our content writing services at no extra cost. We have found that posting a weekly blog post is sufficient for just about any business. We also make sure that all posts are a minimum of 1,000 words as short articles such as 300 words is not the best in Google’s eyes, or for your readers.

      Can We Test Your Company Out For A Month To Test Results?

      If you read the previous question you will have read that we do not use contracts of any kind. For businesses that are worried about using a new SEO company (which many are and for valid reasons) then yes, you can work with us for just 1 month and test the results first. If you are satisfied with our work then you can continue. If you decide to cancel after the first month, that is completely fine and there are no cancellation fees. We have found that a very small percentage of our clients cancel on our services because we truly offer high-quality marketing services.

      We Have Had A Bad Experience With Another SEO Company, What Makes You Different?

      In our opinion, this is the best question that could possibly be asked. We receive calls all the time from leary businesses. Why? They have worked with 3+ so-called “expert” agencies and have had nothing but bad experiences with them. When we go in and look at the work that was performed, we are sometimes shocked. It is not that uncommon to see less than 50 backlinks that have been built for a website, and the website owner was with the marketing agency for years! When we see things like this it truly makes us grateful that we are different. Why are we different? Here are a few reasons why.

      First off, we believe in offering transparent work. This simply means that we actually show our clients the work that we do each month. This is one of the most important aspects to choose when selecting an agency. We encourage businesses to only choose a provider that offers transparent work. If you are not able to see the work that is done each month, then chances are they are wanting to hide it for a reason.

      The second point, there are far too many firms that use black hat techniques. While these are incredibly inexpensive links that can be built they also have a high chance of getting your website penalized in the search engines. We offer white hat service techniques that are aligned with the Google algorithm.

      Another aspect that makes us different is the fact that we do not use contracts of any kind. We have discussed this previously, but just so review it again… We don’t believe in contracts because many of the spammy types of agencies only work with a new client if they are signed up for a long-term contract. We have had too many good experiences with our clients on a month to month basis, that we do not feel the need to require any sort of contracts. We offer a simple 2-page service agreement that both companies sign. We feel it is the best solution for the various businesses that we work with. We feel that our Chicago SEO company is one of the best there is because of these reasons.