Chicago Google Maps Optimization

For a business with a physical office, “location” is a crucial consideration. This is especially true when the nature of business your company operates with has something to do with retail and production. After all, you know what they say. Behind every successful business are good people, an excellent product, and a strategic location. This is because of one simple reason.

People can’t buy what they can’t find.

Enhancing your online marketing strategies is a wise move. A wiser move, however, is improving people’s knowledge about your business: what your product is, how it is made, who is it for, why is it needed, and where they can get it. Today, let us expound on the “where.”

Getting people to find your product online is easy, especially when you have an awesome SEO marketing team to back you up. However, getting people to search for your product in the outside world is a whole different story. Even if it’s just a local client, an entire city is still a big place to search. If you really think about user convenience, finding safer and easier ways to make them reach your place of business should be your top priority. By helping them get to your place faster, you benefit your business in more ways than one. First, you get a chance to pitch your product to an interested customer. Second, you improve user experience. Imagine a customer having a really bad day because your address online doesn’t match your actual address in the real world. It can be very distressing and you could lose that lead entirely. Keeping your potential clients happy and satisfied is of utmost importance if you want to remain in business for long.

You can start by giving them the right directions.

If you’re a big fan of “Dora the Explorer” when you were younger, this should be a very familiar line:

“Who do we ask when we don’t know which way to go?”

 Instinctively, I know your brain probably reacted and said (or at least thought of), The Map! After all, that’s how the cartoon show goes. Well, in the case of businesses doing online marketing, there is a similar kind of help. It’s something people access when they really don’t know which way to go. Yes, it’s a map. But no, it’s not just any map. It’s Google Maps.

You heard that right. Google has outdone itself yet again by bringing us something so convenient, no man is going to have trouble reading directions ever again! Google Maps is a convenient tool that allows people to search for a specific place or shop with a click of a mouse. It has features that you would never have thought can be possible a decade ago. You can see shops and stores (and everything around them) using a first-person view. You can literally see what store stands next to it, what street it’s in, the name of the building, and everything else. It’s a really awesome tool only the King of Search Engines can pull off.

Still, however, let’s not forget that it is a “tool.”

It understands what we feed it and nothing else. If you feed a search engine’s database with wrong or insufficient information, there’s a good chance it’ll fail to meet your expectations. This is especially true with location data. In order to reap the best functions of Google Maps, you must first optimize your website online. Thanks to us, however, you don’t have to do this yourself.

We can do it for you.

Before we do though, here are a few FAQs we thought you might want to know before we proceed to making your website Google Maps optimized: 

Who Needs Google Maps Optimization?

We would say all companies, but to be accurate, we believe businesses with a physical office in the real world will benefit best from an optimization service designed for Google Maps. After all, this tool was created to find places in the offline world. Advertising online is one thing but you need to get people to come to your physical office if you really want to land any company sales – especially if you’re running service-oriented businesses or consumable products. An ice cream shop, for example, can heavily advertise online, rank number one in search engines, and get huge social media attention but still end up unable to receive the maximum benefit of these strategies due to poor Google Maps Optimization.

Also, ranking Google Maps will help drive more traffic into your website because it helps increase the visibility of your site on the SERPs especially for localized searches. If you think that this groundbreaking tool is nothing but “a simple map,” then you have it all wrong. Optimizing your company website will definitely impact your rankings and visitation online and offline.

What Can We Gain From Google Maps Optimization?

Most importantly, you can lead potential customers to the right direction if you optimize your company’s website for Google Maps. After all, everyone consults their smartphones for direction nowadays. It’s more convenient, easy to understand, and you can practically bring it anywhere with you – so like, why not? This frequency in smartphone usage also means that users are most likely to use online tools to find your company’s location. When information is accurate and helpful, you’ll find more and more users visiting your place of business without much trouble.

On top of getting actual site visitations, your online base or website will also get better traffic. This is because Google Maps contribute to search engines’ ranking decisions. Ranking your company website will definitely add a huge plus to your online authority and will impact your standing on the SERPs considerably. More traffic means more chances to land a sale. You need to increase business traffic, both online and offline if you want to thrive in your industry.

Why Do We Need To Hire A Third Party Agency To Help?

Whether you hire a third-party agency (like ChicagoSEO.Company) or optimize yourself is entirely your choice to make. But let me ask you this question:

Can you afford NOT to hire a third-party agency to help you with the optimization?

Optimizing your company website can take a lot of time. It’s not merely about just editing your company information on the Google Maps website (only). You have to get your company cited in business listings, edit your NAP information across many sources (to make sure they’re all consistent), write a short introduction about your company across reputable websites, and improve overall business credibility. Overall, optimizing is not an easy task to do. It requires time, effort, and a whole load of patience. Do you really think you can spare this much time on optimizing? Surely, you have more urgent matters to attend to. Not to mention, an entire company to run.

If you can’t afford to burden yourself with such a tedious task, always know that we’re here to help.
You’re just one form submission away from getting our highly efficient Google Maps Optimization Service!