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A website is all about the content, don’t you agree? I mean, strip a website off of its content and it’s just a blank space. Nothing for anyone to see, hear or bother about. With this reasoning in mind, I guess it is safe to say that a website is only as good as the information that is available on the website. You can take the design away, the graphics, and the widgets. Still, if the website has valuable information, it will continue to remain valuable. Maybe it will appear to be less flattering, but certainly still valuable.

This is definitely why you should start paying more attention to what your website’s content offers. Is it good? Does it add something to people’s lives? Is it evergreen? Many questions can be thrown at you regarding your content: what your inspiration for writing is, why you choose to write for a topic of that sort, etc. People want and expect many things. But on a fundamental level, they want to see these three factors in any website’s content:

First and foremost is relevance. No user dislikes relevant information. When we say relevant, you shouldn’t just think what’s relevant for your website or for your business. It must be what’s relevant for your users and readers as well. Truth be told, more than half the people who visit your website could care less about your product. It could be that an article or blog post piqued their interest and so, they got drawn into your domain. If you offer useless or shallow info, then they won’t really have much reason to stay. If you give them something relevant, on the other hand, they may get curious enough to spend more time on your website. By making users stay on your website longer, you increase the chances of getting a conversion and hopefully, a long-term client.   

Next up is timeliness. Of course, users would want to read what’s current and piping hot. After all, it’s a bore to read something so generic over and over again. In order to call your website’s information good, one very important factor to consider is timing. Are you addressing a current issue? Are you introducing technology that can improve the lives of people who live in this day and age? Are you pitching an idea no one has ever heard before? You have to time your content perfectly. Better yet, produce something that’s evergreen.

Lastly, people look for consistency in website content. For this very reason, we like to post a minimum of 4 blog posts every month for our clients. If you’re planning to outdo your competition, you’ve got to learn how to commit to quality and schedule your activities properly. People will definitely stay when they know that they have something good to look forward to every week or so.

As you can see, writing good information for your website is a lot of work. It involves dedication, commitment, and a keen eye for quality. Well, the good news is that we’re more than ready to take this burden from you. With the help of our Chicago’s excellent writers and specialists, your audience will definitely have something to look forward to whenever they come around your website.  With your ideas and our skills, we can make your website come to life!

Before we even go there, however, here are a few must-read FAQs:

How Is My Business Going To Benefit From Content Writing Services?

Do you believe that more than your product, most of your website’s traffic comes from your content? People yearn to learn new things and they are especially fond of websites who help them satiate their lust for knowledge. If you only have product descriptions and pictures to offer, then you can expect them to leave shortly after they arrive on your website. After all, do you really expect them to be pleased when they’re greeted by your product’s prices right off the bat? Simply put, if you want to make decent sales, you have to wiggle your way into users’ hearts. You have to convince them that your product matters not by telling them that your product is the best in the world but rather by showing them how it is the best in the world through facts and insights they gain from the wording on your website.

Also, having relevant and valuable information that is consistently available on your page promotes longer visits and website sessions per user. Because they have something meaningful to read, the chances of them staying and discovering more about your website increases. Good and valuable info also increases the possibility of getting bookmarks and conversions.

Why Should I Hire Someone Else To Write My Website’s Content?

Writing good, engaging and relevant wording is no easy task. It can take hours off your day and a ton of energy. You may think that writing new material is no trouble. You just sit and play around with your keyboard. However, if any of you have ever tried creating your own content consistently for several days, you would know that it can drain the life out of you and leave you dry out of ideas. Physical work is one thing; you get some sleep and the fatigue goes away. Mental work, on the other hand, can be a bit more demanding. No matter how much sleep you get, when you feel like the fire is out, it’s still out. Making it rekindle its glow, its warmth, can be pretty challenging. It’s a common phenomenon which writers dubbed as “writer’s block.” Thinking and writing about a certain topic or issue requires more work than you think.

Now, a good question to ask yourself is, do you have the time? Creating valuable article and blog posts requires diligence, creativity, and discipline. If you’re running a business, managing people, and overlooking your company’s everyday operations, having to mind your marketing efforts becomes a bit of a bother. Certainly, between managing a whole business and creating information for your website, management activities come first.

“It’s entirely up to you.” If you think you have the time or an idea worth sharing in your own verbatim, then go ahead. Create your own content. No one’s stopping you. Otherwise, you can always outsource it to (us) professionals.

What Can I Expect From Using Content Writing As A Marketing Strategy?

To start, you can expect your website traffic to increase. Great information always attracts the attention of the right people. Also, unlike other marketing strategies, writing doesn’t require a lot of raw materials. When you give out flyers and brochures, you waste paper. Although most marketing strategies give positive results, some strategies are still more cost-efficient and convenient than others. Content writing is one of those kinds of strategies.

To start your writing campaign, you don’t really need much. You just need a dash of talent, a pinch of creativity, and a bucketload of patience. Starting out is often the roughest stage of any marketing strategy. You have to overcome many hurdles and criticisms before you finally realize your goal. However, note that any strategy comes with some level of challenge. Accept these challenges and your website will definitely earn the trust of many users.

Our marketing agency primarily uses our writing services for our client’s website pages, blog posts and for the niche guest posting services that we provide. Many of the top SEO companies say that information is king. We have found that to be true and that is why we have a team of dedicated writers that can write on a variety of unique subjects for our clients.