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What Exactly Is SEO And Why Is It So Important?

Marketing has always been a part of the history of the world. From simple exchanges like barter trades to the creation of currency, humans have been using the concept of marketing even before its actual guided practice. This is one of those subjects wherein we are actually using it in our daily life without us really knowing it. We see all of these ads every day and we think to ourselves how we can relate to it and our own reactions. We might be tempted to buy the product just because of how it was presented in the ad. Participating in this kind of exchange is a form of marketing, especially on the side of the producer. As time flies, the consumer field also changes. This is why companies should be able to track changes so that they could adapt to the times.

When we talk about ads, most people would think about billboards and signages. There are also classified ads on the newspapers and commercials for television and radio. Some even still employ people to showcase their products and company on the street. These were viewed as the most effective way of telling people about your product or company. However, the scope of these options is quite limited. Telling other people only covers that street one is standing even for hours. Billboards are limited to whether it can actually be seen. Fliers can be considered as trash by some people. Radio is practically non-existent in the urban areas and television trends are going down by the year. Some of these companies are still questioning why, but the answer is already here.

Welcome to the age of the internet.

It is said before that the internet age started during the 90’s for its development (still remember the dial-up) and this is true. However, its full potential was not reached until the early 2010’s. People even in the early 2000’s still prefer the television over the internet because it is quite expensive to have a stable internet connection at home. This is not true anymore in the time of today. Almost everyone has an internet connection right at their pockets. If we want to find something, it is already searchable using search engines like Google and Yahoo. One click and the information is right at your fingers. You do not even need to be on time just to watch the news or your favorite TV drama. With the internet, you can even watch it later or in some cases, even in advance. Looking for anything specific is also way easier with an internet connection. You do not even need to watch everything in full, you will just see what you want to see. Now, advertisements use TV shows and news to propagate the information about themselves, but how can they do it now when the TV is on the decline? It is also quite expensive to be on TV; a 30-second ad could cost millions, and the higher the viewership the higher the costs. (Learn more about TV advertising here.)

As the internet is already reaching its peak in usage, many companies are taking advantage of the situation. Websites get designed and created within a matter of hours and domains can be bought easily through the net. You might think that having your website be beautiful and full of relevant content could determine the success of it. Sadly, this is not the case.

This is where search engine optimization comes in. This is the process of making your website be a top priority for search engines. If you have ever used search engines like Google, you may notice that if you type in a word there is always a list that appears in relation to that word. The top spot usually is your best bet since this website usually has the content that you really need. However, many websites also have similar (or even better content) but they are not even on the first page of search. This is the battle of the websites for the top spot, and it is one bloody battle. Websites fight for relevancy and using search engine optimization can help their way to the top.

How does this do it? Using relevant words and data, website creators use this in order for the website to be considered as trusted by the search engine. There is a formula for this, but it is a secret of all search engine companies. Thankfully, there are also guides that can help you optimize your data for relevancy, sometimes even provided by the search engine themselves. The key to search engine optimization is using the right words and making sure that the website is organized in its content. Once the search engine “senses” that the words that you have are relevant and useful, then it moves your site nearer to the first page. This attracts more advertisement and thus more chances of possible profit. However, in the search engine land it is not that easy. It sounds simple but in reality there is a lot of things to follow. There are many websites that use underhanded techniques like using invisible words that can be read by the search engine but not the website viewer. This can lead to confusion of the user because the search results say that the information is relevant but in fact it is otherwise. These websites are usually desperate for clicks or misleading people to advertise a product very different from what the search engine user is asking for. This has led to many of them getting removed by the search engine operator due to reports or complaints.

Search engine optimization is very useful especially since many people already have access to the internet. With just a few clicks, you can actually advertise your company, product or even your own self. Just make sure that you are not cheating just for the sake of more viewership. It can lead to disastrous consequences. There is nothing wrong with the tried and true method of advertising. The slow but steady always wins in the end. Learn more about the SEO services that we offer by visiting ChicagoSEO.Company today.

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