It’s 2019 – What Happened to SEO?

I don’t why but I’ve recently come across articles that claim “SEO is dead” or something like that. Like, what is up with these people? I’m confused as to where, when, and what stats they’ve been following after all this time. As far as I’m concerned, SEO is very much alive. I know that doesn’t sound rich coming from me, but all biases aside, there is nothing in the whole universe of online marketing that will make you think SEO is gone. It’s still here and it’s still booming – more than ever, actually.

It’s 2019 and yet some people still doubt the wonders Search Engine Optimization do for businesses. To think that they would even go as far as saying that it is now an obsolete method. As long as the internet is around and people are still using search engines like Google to grab hold of new information, there is no way Search Engine Optimization will retire. And today, we are going to prove it.

Why We Believe SEO Is Here To Stay

You may think that we’re only saying this because we’re running an SEO company ourselves but what we’re about to present to you are pretty sound arguments that having nothing to do with our business here. This groundbreaking marketing technique is here to stay not because we say so but because facts say so. Here’s what we’re talking about:

It’s An Adaptive Technique

Unlike conventional marketing techniques, SEO changes with the times. It doesn’t sit still and insist on doing things the old-fashioned way when it knows that the old ways won’t be as effective anymore. Take paper marketing, for example.

Ten years ago, paper flyers are already a thing. Thirty years ago, they were also a thing. If we really go down memory lane, we’d see that paper marketing has been already in use since the year the Printing Press was invented. But I have one thing to ask you: Did it change? No, flash forward 2019 and paper marketing is still the same old marketing trick we know. It’s the oldest one in the book. Sure, modern technology has found many new ways to make paper media seem more appealing (we now have graphic artists and such). However, we cannot deny the fact that out of 10 people, only 2 or 3 will take the flyer seriously. Most of what has been handed out will either end up in the trash or in the toilet (it’s not a good picture, trust me). Point is, paper media is the same as it was decades ago. There is no real development.

So what about TV or radio commercials, they work don’t they? Yes sir, they do. After all, a lot of people are visual and auditory by nature. But are they efficient? You should know that in the world of business or marketing, there is a clear difference between effectivity and efficiency. Effectivity can be described as “doing right things.” You’re effective because you’re getting results. On the other hand, efficiency can be described as “doing things right.” You’re efficient not only because you’re getting results; you’re getting the best results in the best way possible. Now TV and radio ads, I’d say they’re effective but not efficient – not in terms of time nor cost. Do you know how much it costs to air a 30-second TV commercial these days? Do you know how much hiring a TV personality is? The digits will just wow you out of your mind. And to think that you’ll be spending all that money with no assurance that the ad is going to get the attention you seek. That’s thousands of dollars gambled on a brief video or audio commercial with unsure results. The issue of retention and longevity is pretty serious as well.

Compared to these conventional marketing methods, SEO adapts with everything that happens online. It makes sure that it’s up-to-date with the latest fads and trends in the world of search engines. Every year, Google and other popular search engines like Yahoo and Yandex update their algorithms and they add new things to their ranking criteria. Instead of insisting with the old ways, SEO adapts to these new changes and develops new techniques and tactics to counter the change. It’s not like your other conventional methods that keeps on doing the same thing and applies the same concepts no matter what time period it is. If conventional techniques like this can exist in the technological age, then how can people say that SEO will cease to exist soon?

SEO is here and it’s here to stay. Its adaptive nature is one thing that will ensure its survival in the world of modern-day marketing methodologies. It has not been dubbed as one of the most revolutionary and strategic methods of its time for nothing. If you own a business and have not heard – let alone, tried – SEO in your marketing efforts, then you’re definitely missing out big time.

There’s a whole world out there waiting for you and your product. Get discovered with Search Engine Optimization.