5 Reasons To Take Your Marketing Efforts To Social Media

The online world is a vast one. Just like how there are cliques in the real world, there are also cliques in cyberspace. And most of these “online cliques” can be found in more websites than one – I’m talking about social media.

Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, to name a few, have been getting increasingly popular over the years. All these social networking websites have made it possible for people from all over the Earth to connect with each other, engage in conversations, form relationships, and do business. That’s right. Social media websites have found a way to make the world’s information gather and circulate in one place – very much like how Google and other search engines work.

And so, if you’re an entrepreneur, looking for a specific target audience, you are bound to find them in one or two of these websites – especially with two (2) billion searches performed every day! Everyone who’s anyone should have an active social media account on one or two of these popular websites. And your job is to find them.

Does SEO Work On Social Media Too?

Very much so. Let’s not forget that social channels are search engines too. Most of the social websites we have now have their own search boxes. And you may think that people use this search feature less often than Google, but statistics beg to differ.

Twitter alone handles 19 billion searches in a month’s time based on a 2010 statistic. And take note, that was way back 2019 or roughly 8 years ago. On the other hand, gets 1 billion search queries per day as of 2012. If you really think about these digits, you’ll soon realize that social media too, is a go-to source for people who need to find some sort of information. Thus, it would be ignorant to say that you should not optimize your content for social media in the same way you optimize your web content for search engines.

Why Should You Take Your SEO Marketing Efforts to Social Media

  1. Social Media Helps You Reach Your Target Audience

Everyone who’s ever been on the internet is bound to have one or two social media accounts that they keep active. Social media profiles have recently become valid sources of online identification. And, it definitely made joining groups, forums, and other websites more convenient. Before, people were required to create accounts for each and every online platform they join.

I’m pretty sure you’ve also felt how tiring and annoying it is to write your name, address, email address, birthday, and other personally identifying information whenever you try to access a website you need certain data or functions from. Recently, however, our social media profiles help fill in the gaps for us. No more filling out forms, just a few clicks and you’re good to go.

This is why we are very confident that everyone who is present online would also be present in one, two, or maybe even several social media websites. Yes, including those who belong in your target market too. If social media isn’t the best way to get your website to them, then I don’t know what is.

  1. Getting More Followers May Send Your Website Good Authority

Building and enhancing your company’s social media profile can also help you send a substantial amount of authority to the Mother website – directly and indirectly.

By mentioning your main website’s URL on your company’s social media profiles, you are encouraging anyone who’s interested in your company to go check out your website. You can have it placed on the description or “about me” section. When you gain more followers, several curious souls are sure to click on that link!

Also, you can share relevant and high-quality website content on social media by regularly mentioning them on your company posts. Make sure not to spam users’ feeds with links to your website, though. You’ll definitely get flagged down if you do that. Instead, encourage your followers to visit your website whenever there’s information you believe would be much use for them. A very common example is when you have a newly published blog post you believe readers can get a ton of value from. You can cut an excerpt from the piece and use it as a teaser on the post you make on social media.

For instance, If I am to promote this article (the one you’re reading right now) on social media, I will have it go like this:

“Social media websites have found a way to make the world’s information gather and circulate in one place – very much like how Google and other search engines work.”

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  1. It May Be A Good Place To Start Harvesting Inbound Links

You don’t know who is reading your content on social media.

For all you know, other experts in your niche may have taken a liking to your work and are now following you on Twitter. They are also on the lookout of what new content your website has to offer. Letting them know when new content is ready by posting about it on social media can help them find it sooner.

If your content gives them good reason enough, they’ll cite it as a reference for their own work too. And you know how many inbound links can mean for your website.

  1. Social Media Profiles Give People A Better Idea Of Your Company

Your profile on social media also helps increase your business’s online presence and consequently, raise brand awareness too. It’s a good chance to showcase your company logo, catchphrase, and maybe even run photo and video advertisements for your business – for a cost of zero dollars.

Social Media Advertising is completely free – unless otherwise, you avail of more advanced services. You don’t have to spend as much, however, when you’ve successfully ushered in a good crowd on your own.

  1. Increased Activity In Social Media Leads To Branded Searches

When people hear other people talking about your business in social media, they’ll definitely get curious as to who you are and what your company is all about. This, my dear friends, leads them to make branded searches. And Google is very sensitive when it comes to branded searches. If I were to describe it in a word, I’d say they love it!

It’ll definitely help your website’s SEO realize its mission. And your website? Skyrocketing to the top ranks.