The Power Of Social Media

We, as human beings, have the need to be with other human beings. According to Erich Fromm, a psychologist, we have a conflicting need of having to be alone while still not feeling isolated with everyone else – alone but not lonely, in other words. It is such a powerful conflict within all of us that sometimes, we forget to strike the balance between the two. However, being in a social circle really stands out as a need in all of us. We need other people for our survival not just because of physical reasons, but the sense of relatedness helps us cope with the realities of human life. Friendship, affiliation, and love can be experienced only with another person, and this has led us to share ourselves with other people. This ultimately ensures the survival of our race and helps us create a world that tries to see if a conflict can be minimized and replaced by feelings of camaraderie.

The Impact Of Social Media In People’s Lives

Social media has been one of the greater proponents of this movement. Almost everyone has a social media account nowadays. It is unheard of people living in an urban society to survive without an account. Twitter became the go-to source for everything from the latest news to what kind of pizza big shot superstars like. Instagram became a haven for people who’re into photography. LinkedIn basically acts like classified ads for the formal companies. Tumblr is the cave of special interests while Pinterest covers the pictures that you like across the net. The king of video-sharing format YouTube is now the place where you can find entertainment at all times. Gone were the days when you have to be on time to watch your favorite show. Why even go sit on the couch when you can just marathon your fave flicks in your bed?

As TV starts to fade into the background, social media websites are on the rise. People now turn to social media for things they used to watch on TV like news and entertainment programs. It basically kicked the radio to a knockout because it can offer everything and more with graphics that were once provided by the television. It has become a quintessential part of human existence. Without it, people may feel separated from the rest of the world.

Thanks to social media, it has become more apparent that the internet is needed to “connect” with others. It has also jumpstarted one of the movements shaping the world today: globalization. As more and more people explore and develop connections with other people from other countries, it is unavoidable to have some cultures be mixed with others. This has led many industries, organizations, and companies into trying to tap other markets aside from their own. Learn more about the effects of globalization here.

The Advantage Of Having Social Media In Today’s World

Social media is very useful in our world today because it connects so many people in a single environment. A single post can reach hundreds, even thousands of people in just a single click. This is also why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media work hand in hand; both are trying to achieve a marketing strategy that would encompass most of the people in the net. International companies use both of these tactics (SEO and Social Media Marketing) together in order to gain more customers. Even with just a simple tweet or post, something small can turn into a crazy internet marketing ploy just because it reached so many people. In fact, many companies now opt to have their own accounts so that they could not just attract more customers, but to receive feedback from them as well.

Many social media sites can host surveys and polls. This helps advertisers get to know their customers better. YouTube, for example, uses the video itself to conduct a survey. This usually appears before the start of a video and you can choose whether to participate or not. This, in turn, becomes the information that YouTube needs to create more relevant content.

Twitter is also a platform where feedback can be garnered through simple surveys or testimonials from the customers themselves. Those 280 characters can actually encompass a comment or a suggestion enough for a company to respond and keep track of it. On the other hand, uses its other app Messenger to help businesses connect directly to their customers. You can actually chat with a company representative in real time no matter where you are in the world as long as there is an internet connection. However, most of these companies use bots to answer to their clients, especially before and after office hours. These chatbots, artificial intelligence developed using sophisticated computer programs, can be used to be a stand-in to respond to the client in real time. They can also be programmed to respond for common questions and sometimes can even act like a real human being behind the screen. Learn more about social media by clicking this link:

One of the main reasons why social media is very powerful in today’s time is because of its hold on people’s lives. It is such an influential program that many people rely on it for many things, including communication, education and even online markets. As Search Engine Optimization (SEO) folks, we must take advantage of this influence to advertise the products and services we are offering as well as what our clients are offering.

Many companies are still not into social media marketing and it has proven to be a hindrance to their growth and development. Big companies who are not in social media are unheard of nowadays. Everyone needs that type of connection not just for personal reasons, but for the advancement of business and the rest of the people. Knowing this, search engine optimization is also something that is still not in the radar of some businesses. They are left wondering why no one is still accessing their website even if they have made it be the best. Even if you only know of the basics, you can actually use search engine optimization so that it could benefit you and your company.